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Rovion Privacy Policy

Rovion strongly believes in the importance of online privacy for all users, publishers, and advertisers. Rovion does not collect personally-identifying information. Rovion's technology does collect generic information to track total number of ad impressions, click-throughs, etc.

Rovion's technology uses cookies only for non-personally identifying information, to help deliver clients' ads in the correct sequence, mute audio based on previous user interation, include browser/OS-specific code, display geographic relevant locations on a map, and display content based on previous page visits. Rovion cookies are specific to each computer and do not contain names, phone numbers, addresses, emails, etc. that personally identifies the user.

Information entered in forms in ads are not combined with Rovion tracking data, as they are strictly for client use, such as for sharing a page with a friend, entering a contest, or signing up to be contacted about a special offer. Information entered into Rovion's website contact form will be used by the Rovion sales team to make contact, but NEVER to spam.

Rovion's Cookie Opt-Out Option
To opt-out of Rovion cookies, please click here. Note that this requires a cookie that tells our technology to avoid setting future cookies on your computer, and therefore opting-out could result in you receiving the same ad multiple times. Click here to opt back in.

Third Party Tracking Disclaimer
Advertisers often request that Rovion deliver a third party tracking pixel along with an ad. Rovion is not responsible for the advertisers' use of any data collected as a result of including the third party tracking pixels.

Changes to this Document
Rovion reserves the right to make changes to this policy at any time and without notice.

Last update: December 1st, 2009

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